Amaris Hospitality is built on strong ethical values focused on sustainable and ethically responsible business practises. At Amaris we want to do more than just grow a successful, profitable business. We want to have a sustainable positive impact on the societies and environments in which each of our hotels operate. Hence our strategy for responsible business was christened ‘Positive Impact’

Our ‘Positive Impact’ strategy focuses on ensuring that the best interests of the four main pillars of our business; Our Local Communities, Our Customers, Our Environment and Our People are at the heart of all our business decisions.

Positive Impact helps to guide us in our decision making, by setting out goals and commitments for all our hotels, ensuring we are having a measurably positive impact in society and the wider environment.

At Amaris Hospitality we work with prestigious, environmentally responsible brands that support our ethos for a Positive Impact.

Here are just some of the amazing Positive Impacts that our partner brands are working towards;

Jurys Inn is aiming to…

  • reduce CO2 emissions by 20% by 2017
  • cut energy use by 10% per room by 2017
  • reduce water consumption to 250 litres per room sold by 2017

IHG are aiming to..

  • Reduce carbon footprint per occupied room by 12% by 2018

Hilton Worldwide have achieved….

  • The first global hospitality company to be certified ISO 50001 for Energy Management, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and 9001 for Quality Management across our entire hotel portfolio

Find out more about the positive impact our partner brands are making here;